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Woche 1 / darstellen oder herstellen, die Situation? / 23.3.-25.3.

23.3.-25.3. After the opening we will get an injection of theatre.
The question is: die situation darstellen oder herstellen?

On thursday and friday Friederike Heller will do a two-day workshop with us, sharing her experiences as a director.

The following texts have been put into consideration:

Sechs Personen suchen einen Autor: a play from the 20s by italian writer Luigi Pirandello. In abstract it deals with a stage on a stage situation. Six characters crash into a rehearsal and ask their drama to presented on the stage.

Frederick die Maus: an illustrated children's book. All the mice collect food for the winter. Fredi doesnt. He collects colours and words. a comment on this in realtion to art and immaterial labor is also in the text "Wir singen die alten Lieder neu" (find it in the text section)

Der Grüne Kakadu: short play by arthur schnitzler. Paris, july 1789: some decadent aristocrats regularly visit a fake pub-mockup with fake thieves etc - just for the fun of it. They pretend to be low-class there. Paid actors come in and tell about robberies etc. At one point outside the revolution starts. They hear about it but think it's part of the game. etc.

: / Frederick die Maus               
: / Sechs Personen suchen einen Autor               
: / Wir singen die alten Lieder neu               

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